THE VILLAGE. The village of Penallt is an ancient community sparsely spread over the Welsh side of Wye Valley. We are a border community but few around here get too hung-up on the English-Welsh thing. (Apart from when they put international Rugby matches on the village telly.... then it's murder!!). Perhaps the greatest assets in the village are two outstanding country pubs, the Inn Of Penallt which is only 2 minutes walk away and serves great food with a fantastic view. The second one is the Boat Inn which is about a 2 mile walk, they serve fine real ales and it's situated right next to the River Wye. Both pubs have wonderful hosts.. On a different note, there's the tiny, beautiful Penallt Old Church which is a lovely walk from the Old Baptist Chapel. It is a quiet, peaceful sanctuary with wonderful views. More practically, there is a great village shop 2 miles away from the Old Baptist Chapel in Redbrook. They are really friendly and it is accessible by crossing the river via the footbridge.


The Boat http://www.theboatpenallt.co.uk/Aboutus.html


The Inn of Penallt